Alberta’s official floral emblem is the Wild Rose. In Hungarian, the Wild Rose is VAD RÓZSA, and we have chosen the same name.

The VADRÓZSA Hungarian Folk Dancers are dedicated to the sharing of Hungarian cultural identity through entertaining performances: vibrant dances, beautiful songs, lively music and colorful costumes.
Vadrózsa devotes its time and energy to learn about Hungarian culture and traditions. On several occasions, we have been able to bring instructors from Hungary, to learn not only the dances, but also the traditions inspiring the dances.

It is our hope that we continue to learn about the traditions of Hungary and can share them with as many people as possible.
Vadrózsa was formed in 1974 as a Calgary Centennial Project, performing to audiences across North America.

Performances have included everything from festivals to old folks homes, weddings to the Calgary Stampede.



We hold Practices on Sundays from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

231 Forge Rd SE,
Calgary, AB, T2H 0S9‎